Qualified Soccer Leagues that Accept Bets
5 Major Leagues
Total Amount Staked
Minimum Single Bet Amount on One Match
Times of Winning Streak
Monetary Reward
Premier League / La Liga / Serie A / Bundesliga / Ligue 1
RM200 & above
x 5
Premier League / La Liga / Serie A / Bundesliga / Ligue 1
RM200 & above
x 5

How to Apply?

*This promotion is open to all MCC888 betting with MYR unit.

*Members are required to place at least 5 bets in 5 major leagues within 48 hours of deposit, with a minimum bet of RM200 or more per game and a winning streak to 5 games. .

*All offered bonuses are limited to 1 registered member account, 1 family, 1 household address, 1 IP address, 1 email address, 1 telephone number, 1 same payment account number and no shared computer.

*This promotion is limited to MCC888 members who bet with MYR unit and do not receive the reload bonus and there will not be counted as part of the winning streak if they receive the reload bonus.

*Eligible members should contact customer service to apply for the bonus within 24 hours after the number of consecutive wins is completed, otherwise it will be regarded as voluntarily giving up the bonus.

*MCC888 will pay out the winning streak bonus in the form of red packets to the members within 48 hours once the verification being completed.

Promotional Rules Related to Soccer Betting

*This promotion only applies to bets placed before the start of the match. Only bets that result in a win will be counted as part of the winning streak; bets that result in a draw or loss and bets that are canceled will not be counted as part of the winning streak and the streak will be voided and recalculated.

*Any draws, cancellations or parlays and betting slips on both sides of a match will not be counted as a winning streak.

*Any game must win by more than one bet to qualify for a winning streak, e.g. a bet of MYR100 on Team A to take the ball +0.25 with the match score of 0-0 or 1-1 is considered as a half-bet win] Therefore, it will not be counted as a winning streak.

* Unless otherwise stated in a specific game rule, bets placed on Football markets are settled based on the 90 minutes plus any injury time that is played.

*Only handicap of 1x2, Over/Under, Single/Double and half time/full time bets are deemed as valid bets, while bets placed during the match will not be considered valid.

*Members are required to place a minimum of 5 bets of MYR200 or more on the 5 major leagues within 48 hours on soccer matches that are played within 48 hours once the deposit being made, as for betting made with deposit made after 48 hours will be deemed invalid.

*Early cashing and betting on both teams in the same match will not be treated as qualify bets and winning streaks will be void and need to be recalculated, regardless of the game provider.

*Multiple bets on the same handicap in the same match will be deemed as one (x1) winning streak and will be counted into total winnings streak, (e.g. TEAM A vs TEAM B can only be placed on one type handicap in a single match and no other handicap can be placed on the same match once the betting ticket being accepted).

*Simultaneous bets in the same match made via betting channels BTI - TBSBET - WBET and CMD368 will be counted as one (x1) winning streak only. Only five consecutive wins with betting made via the same gaming provider to qualify for this offer.

*This offer is only valid for betting placed in 5 major leagues [including EPL / La Liga / Serie A / Bundesliga / Ligue 1]. While the rest of the matches will be excluded.

*MCC888 reserves the right to modify, cancel, suspend or terminate the promotion and/or revise any parts of the promotional rules as mentioned above at any time without prior notice.

*Members participating in this promotion are required to accept and abide by the above-mentioned promotional rules as well as all relevant terms and conditions stated in MCC888.